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Scott Saunders made his mark in series 11 of the BBC hit business show "The Apprentice", after choosing to leave the series following a successful run, realising the process was not for him

The 28 year old Entrepreneur from Hertfordshire has a wealth of knowledge and experience across many industries. He is a general all-round businessman with a particular eye for design, music, performing arts and sales.

Having spotted a gap in the market whilst working as a sales manager in the accounting industry, Scott founded a new and rapidly growing company called The venture is the first company to compare fees and services within the payroll industry for the self-employed and operate in a similar manner to that of a comparison website. He says: "I have always dreamed of owning my own company and now it is a reality. My most exciting vision is of having a fun team to support the business who wake up and look forward to working with me, not for me. I can't wait for this day to happen!" !" Today he has realised this ambition with Payroll Supermarket celebrating two years in business and set to continue to thrive and expand

When he was just 10 years old, Scott already had his first business ventures in gardening and car-washing in his local area. From then on, he has always stressed to his family that he will be a millionaire!

With a flair for dancing and acting from a young age, Scott attended the BodyWork Dance School in Cambridge where he spent 10 years mastering the art of performance. He gained a BTEC in Design from Centre for the Arts College in Hitchin and then went on to graduate from Birmingham City University with an Honours degree in Product Design, which he found thoroughly enjoyable as he loves being creative!

Scott’s ground breaking exit from the show and charismatic personality, have led him to be regularly featured in the magazines and tabloids including the front page of The Sun. He also featured in Decembers ‘New’ magazine as sexy santa.

Scott moved to Aiya Napa in Cyprus to pursue with his love of music and events. He and a close friend hosted club nights all over the island and had many club residencies. The pair were nicknamed "Panico & Junior" by both the party-goers and workers alike. Being in high demand and smashing every event with such passion meant upon their return, the two were invited to perform at world-renowned clubs, including Fabric and Ministry of Sound. The duo hosted events for many years under the name, "AudioSquid" and attracted huge crowds with different music genres such as Uk Garage, House, Dubstep and RnB.

Alongside his growing business, Scott is open to new and exciting media opportunities and has promised himself that he will be a millionaire by the age of 30!

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