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Janey Felstead

Writer & TV Personality

A divorced, corporate mum by trade, Janey Felstead’s world radically changed when she was asked to feature alongside her daughter Binky in the award-winning Channel 4 series ‘Made in Chelsea’.

A straight talking, cross-generational individual - Jane quickly established herself as the champagne-swigging mother - offering advice - not just to her daughter but to any of the cast she felt needed it! This resulted in the MIC viewers taking Janey (or ‘Mummy Felstead’ as she is best known), to their hearts, trusting her views and asking for her opinions and advice on their own issues. In response to this she was offered a column as an agony aunt on the Daily Mail online –‘Ask Mummy Felstead’, which she has been successfully writing for three years.

A new grandmother, Janey has starred in the pilot Born in Chelsea, and is loving her new found role as ‘Glam-ma’!

Throughout her long and diverse career, Jane has found herself working as a cook to a famous acting family, modeling, working on QVC, and starring in spin-offs such as ‘Mad on Chelsea’ and ‘In bed with Jamie’ and various other shows besides.

A mum of three, a writer, a TV personality with a love of adventure; Janey is enjoying her ever-changing career and welcomes new and exciting opportunities.

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